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June 23rd (6 to 9pm), 24 th and 25 th (10am to 6pm)

«Intermodal Expressive Arts Therapy»

This three day intensive training will present the core philosophical and theoretical principals of the Intermodal approach of Arts Therapy, and the ways it can be used in psychotherapy. Participants will have a chance to learn and experience the main Intermodal Expressive Arts Therapy techniques. This training is for students enrolled in Arts Therapy continuing education program, as well as for all interested. At the end of the training students will receive a certificate of completion. The course will cover following topics :

I Literal, Imaginal and Effective Realities

II The Healing Essence of the Arts

1. Aesthetic psychotherapy
2. Staying with image and with process
3. Aesthetic interpretation
4. Art as disciplined aggression
5. Safety
6. Play and spontaneity
7. Practical exercises

III Integrating the Arts Modalities

1. Intermodality and polyaesthetics
2. Intermodal sensitivity
3. When and which arts to use
4. Intermodal techniques
5. Stages of  IAT

IV Practical Exercises

1. Creative Connection
2. Body Tales
3. Imagery in Movement
4. Processing

V The Art of Psychotherapy

Facilitated by
For registration and additional information, please call or email:
8-916-976-7273 , 8 -926-258-2743,
artstherapy @ mail.ru
, varvarasi@ mail ru

Location: TBA in Moscow , Russia

At the end of the training student will receive a certificate of completion.

(updated May 25th 2006)

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